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All Star Wings & Ribs Franchises


Franchising with All Star Wings & Ribs offers numerous benefits for entrepreneurs venturing into the competitive food and beverage industry. Known for quality and customer satisfaction, All Star Wings & Ribs provides a successful business model with over 20 years of continuous operation. Franchisees receive extensive training and support tailored for operational success, backed by a well-established brand name.

To-date All star brand features 7 operating locations and is looking to expand nationwide with traditional and second generation models. All Star Wings & Ribs restaurants feature casual, laidback athmosphere, family friendly, sports-themed interiors, excellent service and great food. With over 200 (and growing) proprietary flavours of wings, delicious ribs, burgers, salads and appetizers there is something to please every customer.

Financially, joining All Star Wings & Ribs involves lower startup costs compared to starting a restaurant from scratch. Franchisees benefit from economies of scale in purchasing and marketing, boosting profitability. The franchise also offers a structured menu and operational procedures, simplifying day-to-day management and enhancing customer service.

Marketing support is robust, with national advertising campaigns and digital strategies to boost brand visibility and customer engagement. Ongoing support includes assistance with site selection, operations, and periodic evaluations, fostering long-term success and a collaborative partnership.

Franchising with All Star Wings & Ribs offers flexibility with two models tailored to different markets.  Franchisees can scale their business according to their goals and resources.

Overall, franchising with All Star Wings & Ribs isn’t just about starting a business—it’s about joining a trusted brand committed to mutual growth and delivering exceptional dining experiences. With support in place, franchisees can embark on a rewarding journey in the casual dining sector, driven by passion and a dedication to customer satisfaction.



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