Is Your Business is Ready to Sell?

If you’re considering selling your business, make sure it’s ready to be put on the market first. Here are 5 qualities your business should exhibit to make sure it sells:

1. The business is turning a steady profit.

Consistently capitalizing off of your business is a sign of success. Your sales should be high enough that even after operating costs are deducted, there is money going into your pocket. This also means that money is available be re-invested into your business, and helps facilitate more growth. Profitability demonstrates value, which is an attractive trait to potential buyers should you be interested in selling.

2. You have an Established Brand

You’ve put in the work to develop a name, image and feel that people trust and remember. Customers should easily recognize what services you provide through your logo or business signs. They should also be drawn in by the unique qualities of your brand has to offer, through consistent marketing and advertising. If you’ve done all of these things right, you will see reinforcement in the positive perception of your brand.

3. Strong customer base

Your target audience should make up the majority of customers pursuing your services. The products or services you’re selling are consistently sought after by the same crowd, giving you consistent business. When you’re able to stay appealing to your main customers they help guarantee your long-term success.

4. Established operating processes (well-oiled machine)

A business that operates smoothly and efficiently has the proper systems in place to make sure everything is done according to plan. Standard operating procedures, training, documentation and quality control are a few areas that can be systemized to deliver control and success. If your business is set up to run without you, it will be easier to hand off to prospective buyers.

5. A Plan for the Future

Having a plan for growth in your business will make it more attractive to buyers. A long-term prospect is much more rewarding, especially when someone else has created a road map to succeed. Generate a plan that involves goals, financial planning, timelines that provides the buyer with an idea of where the business will be heading once it’s in their hands.

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