Bubble Tea Franchise

Gotcha Bubble Tea Franchises for Sale

Starting in Taiwan Gotcha tea now has over 100 Locations internationally featuring stores in Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Dubai, Turkey, the US and Canada.

Gotcha is much more than just another bubble tea shop, their tea is farmed and picked from a single tea plantation in Mount Ali and freshly brewed for each individual order. Gotcha provides 10 flavours of tea and 150 varieties of drinks that are fully customizable.

Gotcha luxury tea is a premium high class product due to their practices of early morning tea harvest which enhances the tea farmed on their planation with the purest dew and mountain mist, giving it a fresh and juicy quality. Their tea is hand-picked, each leaf chosen for their shape and quality and prepared in a neutral manner that focuses on bringing out the flavor and complexity of the tea itself.

From their personal plantations Gotcha produces their teas through an involved process of numerous steps. From wilting, to drying, to oxidizing, and kneading their extensive operation creates a lovingly crafted product with a buttery taste for a seasoned palette. With a delectable selection of handcrafted teas, collagen teas, and milk teas, Gotcha has tea for all connoisseurs whether they be from the east or the west. Like a single origin coffee or a fine bottle of French wine from a single vineyard, Gotcha Fresh Tea flavour is unique and unmistakable.



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