Do recession-proof businesses/franchises exist?

Before we begin, let us know what industries/franchises you think are recession-proof and why you think so, as your answer may help someone else with their decision-making.

With news of inflation and recession, investors and innovators are clearly in a time of stress, and it’s safe to say this feeling is entirely understandable. There’s lots of uncertainty that offers lots of emotional and social pressure to investors and those who got invested. Not everyone freaks out during times like this, not because they have deep pockets or massive brains but because they have figured out a system that works and the pattern in which this system operates. Sometimes just doing some simple research could help understand how things are done right, but a lot of times, mistakes and wrong choices are made before actual research is done. Just in case you are an investor or innovator too busy to do research, we did some for you on this particular topic, and you can follow us to stay updated.

Multiple sources show that there are recession-proof industries due to their strong supply and demand mechanisms. Two industries are healthcare and comfort foods like pizza burgers or vegetarian meals. It’s interesting that any investor could visit an online webpage like and order a franchise to run or grow in these industries. It’s like picking up NFTs but better. One thing about these industries is that people will always treat themselves to a nice meal or the best healthcare, even with the last cash. There’s no cheaper time to go into these franchises or start one. It’s like black Friday for assets so go crazy on those deals strategically.

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