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Like you, we are focused on our client experience. As our economy continues to revive from the impact of COVID-19, we are focused on helping our hospitality and restaurant clients plan and execute for a brighter future. Our team can help you streamline your business and assist you expand in several areas within the right demographics. Whatever your concept may be, you may not have the right skills or the time to expand it in multiple units or to create a franchise model. We can assist you to move from what now to what next and turn your today’s business into tomorrow’s success.

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about Gastronomy

Gastronomy is the study of the relationship between culture, tradition and food. It is often thought erroneously that the term gastronomy refers exclusively to the art of cooking, but this is only a small part of this discipline. It cannot always be said that a cook is also a gourmet. Gastronomy studies various cultural components with food as it’s central axis. Thus, it is related to the Fine Arts and Social Sciences and even to the Natural Sciences in terms of the digestive system of the human body.
A gourmet’s principal activities involve discovering, tasting, experiencing, researching, understanding and writing about foods and lifestyle. Gastronomy is therefore an interdisciplinary activity.

Why choose us

Southbrook is unique among hospitality advisory companies because of its three-pronged approach to client assignments: Ambience, Service and Product.


Because we possess extensive, real world experience across the hospitality spectrum. Many consultants or experts marketing their services in the hospitality industry come from narrow backgrounds, such as real estate brokerage or accounting. Some fall into their careers by default or move from college into the ‘big’ consulting companies because the work is perceived to be prestigious. Our Principals and professional staff carry broad hospitality career experience within a variety of functional areas. Most staff members are credentialed from hotel schools and enter the business by choice. Furthermore, before joining Southbrook they worked within operating hotels or resorts to advise other parties on how the business should be structured or operated.
We can act as direct line managers or as advisors. Our people have worked in both large and small operating properties, as well as smaller to larger entrepreneurial businesses and start-up companies. We understand headquarters, unit perspectives and mandates. We have worked in commercial hotels, leisure resorts, timeshare resorts, and gaming properties. We have worked in scores of U.S. and Canada locations, and have international consulting experience.
We marry operations, sales, finance, technology and real state experience and perspectives.


Because we believe in creating value for our clients. While we are certainly in business for ourselves and do seek profitable engagements, we look at our clients as our partners in resolving problems and chasing opportunities. “At Southbrook, we act to preserve and create value in the asset and in the business.”
It is our belief that, for a project to be labeled “successful”, the owner’s reasonable financial goals must be met. Our clients have our full attention as we only accept a limited number of engagements to properly commit fully to them.

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